The National Osteoporosis Society is calling on everyone in the UK to lace up for bones!

Thousands of people like you are swapping their shoe laces for a special pair of orange laces in support of people with, or at risk of osteoporosis. Join in and be a part of the movement!

be a part of the movement

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Get Your Laces

Orange Shoe Laces £2.00

orange shoe laces in packaging

These orange shoe laces will fit any boot, shoe or trainer and will show you are supporting the cause. These laces are perfect for footballers, rugby players, hikers, childrens shoes, why not even make a statement and wear them in your fancy work shoes!

By purchasing this lace you will be
  • Helping us to prevent future fractures
  • Helping us to provide printed information to the elderly
  • Help more people understand osteoporosis


Greeper Laces £8.99

Buy Greeper Laces

Specially patented shoe laces, that once tied, never come undone. Tightened and loosened in seconds these laces are ideal for runners, triathletes, ultrarunners, hikers, ramblers.

By purchasing this lace you will be
  • Helping to fund ground-breaking research
  • Helping to raise awareness among those most at risk
  • Helping to provide resources for local people in your area

Static Collection Box

Static Collection Box #laceupforbones
Maybe you own or manage a business, or know someone that does? That business could help spread the word about #LACEUPFORBONES by displaying one of our collection boxes.

By displaying a Static Collection Box you will be

buy a pair of our orange laces; put them in your trainers or shoes, share a photo on social media. You can help three million people that have osteoporosis and help keep your bones strong too.


Run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must, just never give up.

— Dean Karnazes —

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