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You don't have to journey far to help end the pain of osteoporosis.

Just one step is all it takes

Buy laces. Wear them. Help end the pain.

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Are your favourite pair of shoes looking a bit tired? Are they crying out to be taken outside?
Let us help you change that by adding a splash of colour to your favourite lace-up footwear this year with a pair of #laceupforbones laces.

These laces will give you a unique look and ensure you get noticed, whether it’s on the high-street or walking up the mountain path. We can’t promise these laces will give you super powers, but what we do know for sure is that once you’ve swapped out your old laces with these bright orange ones, you’ll be helping to raise awareness of osteoporosis and showing your support for the millions affected by it too.

All laces come in pairs, are durable and sit nicely on most trainers, boots and shoes.


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swap. step. share

Swap! Swap out your old laces with these bright orange ones and show your support for the millions affected by osteoporosis.

Step! You don’t have to go far. All you have to do is lace up and we’ll know you’re with us. Every step you take will help undo the pain of osteoporosis.
Share! Show us your step towards ending the pain of osteoporosis, with a shoe selfie. Use the card, snap and share on social media.

There’s only one direction we need to go in the journey to end the pain of osteoporosis. Forward. Wear your orange laces and say you’ll be with us all the way.






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meet Maggie


I watched osteoporosis take hold of mum’s life.

Meet Maggie #laceupforbones

Knowing I was at risk, I promised myself I’d never let it have the same control over me. Towards the end, mum couldn’t sleep on her back as it was so curved, so she slept sitting in a chair. She often choked on her food because all her internal organs were scrunched up.

I was only 52 when a DXA scan showed I had osteoporosis. It scared me so much that my life could be filled with a constant fear of my bones breaking at any moment.

I immediately changed my lifestyle to take care of my bones and turned to the National Osteoporosis Society for information.

Osteoporosis is known as the ‘silent’ condition for a reason and so many people have no idea what can happen if you get it – I certainly didn’t appreciate just how devastating it can be.

My only wish is that people, including you, will find out how life changing the condition can be before it’s too late.

I’ll be stepping forward in my orange laces again this year to help the millions living with osteoporosis.





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